More people play football than any other team sport in Queensland.

We think Queenslanders have been playing football for longer than any other organised sport too.

Football Queensland History – a collaborative initiative spanning several organisations, groups, researchers and historians – is dedicated to the incredible history of our game.

The site plots and document key developments, significant events and important contributors to the sport across a colourful period of more than 140 years.

We need your support to continue adding new chapters to the tale.

Queensland Football History Project chair Simon Boegheim joined Football Nation Radio’s ‘If You Know Your History’ programme in March 2021 to discuss the digital museum.

Listen in below from the 20-minute mark to hear from Simon. 



Through individual stories, photos and memorabilia, Football Queensland History presents a narrative archive of football’s rich roots and fascinating evolution in Queensland.

We need your support to continue adding new chapters to the tale.

The story of football in our state is the community’s story. We hope, as much as is possible, that it can be told by the people involved. Players, coaches, administrators, historians, writers and fans have already made considerable contributions, and there is more to come.

We call it a living history, because it’s still growing. Some details may need correcting, and new information can always be added. That’s why we need your help.

Football Queensland History would love to hear your story, see your photographs, read your documents or observe your memorabilia so we can share with them with the wider community.

To contribute, please contact us and let’s start a discussion about the past, the present and the future!