The Queensland British Football Assocation.

The Brisbane game suffered as a result of Ipswich’s withdrawal, as noted at the annual meeting of the Ipswich Association in early 1901: “The president (Mr. E.G. Morgan) referred with regret to the poor state of the association game in the metropolis [Brisbane], and suggested that overtures be made to the Queensland Association with a view to taking over the Challenge and Charity Cups, and offering the same for competition, until a revival of the game in Brisbane warrants the resumption of regular fixtures there.” Further evidence of the decline in the Brisbane game is provided by a newspaper report that only two Brisbane teams (Thistles and the newly formed Rovers) had nominated for the 1900 Challenge Cup against Ipswich teams.

The Brisbane Courier also reported that the annual meeting of the QBFA in March 1903 had to be postponed, as “less than a dozen members put in an appearance, and most of these belonged to the one club”. The meeting was held in April and decided that “the association should make some special effort to place the game on a better footing than at present.” It was also noted that “Arrangements are also to be made to secure the Botanic Gardens for playing. It was decided that a letter be sent to Mr. E. Donegan [presumably the publican of the Pineapple Hotel], thanking him for the use of the Pineapple ground.”