Men's Football in Mackay

The Mackay zone is situated on the Country of the Yuwibara, Birri, Jangga, Juru, Gia, and Ngaro peoples. It includes Mackay and the surrounding area including Bowen.

Men started playing football in Mackay in 1884.

The first match in Mackay was played in 1884. Villa Mackay easily secured their win against the Pioneers team. The next record of football in Mackay appears to be a few decades later.

During the mid 1910s a Mackay British Football Association appears to have been formed and a local competition organised. Teams included the Waterside Workers, Town team and a team from the local high school. 

In the 1920s, local competition appeared to continue on from the mid 1910s and the teams seemed to be getting stronger. By 1922, Mackay had also formed a rep team and was playing intercity matches.

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