Men's Football in North West Queensland

The North West zone is situated on the Country of the Kalkadoon, Wunumara and Mayi-Thakurti peoples. The zone includes Cloncurry and Mt Isa.

Men were playing football in North West QLD during the 1920s

The earliest record we can find of football in North West Queensland are matches played on Saturdays during the late 1920s. The matches appeared to continue throughout the 1930s and in the 1940s a Mt Isa Association was formed.

During the 1950s a Mt Isa representative team travelled for intercity matches such as their 1955 Townsville match. By the 1960s soccer’s popularity was continuing to expand in Mt Isa with many more junior players joining clubs.

In the 1970s, local competition consisted of at least eight teams and matches appeared to be played on Sundays. 

FQH wishes to thank Ian Syson for his history of the Mt Isa region.  Ian’s ground-breaking research and more information related to football in Mount Isa can be found at his football history site neos osmos.

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