Sound and Fury

Founded in 2008 Northern Fury Football Club gained a license to play in the A-League. 

Based in Townsville the club leant very heavily on the recruitment of former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler. His impact on the A-League during his tenure at Northern Fury was not what could be described as overwhelming. While it drew a lot of attention to the A-League and the fledgling club. It may also have contributed to the Club losing their A-League licence and being removed from the competition as a result of financial instability. 

The club was re-established to participate in the 2013 NPL Queensland Conference.

In September 2017, the club dropped the name and colours. the new team name North Queensland United wore the region’s traditional football colours of blue, red and gold for one full season before disbanding in late 2018.

Townsville hosts Indigenous Football Festival

In 2009 Townsville was host to the FFA’s inaugural Indigenous Football Festival. John Moriarty and Warren Mundine played a central role in organising the festival which brought together eight boys’ teams and four girls’ teams.