Men's Football in South West

South West is one of the largest zones in Queensland spanning an estimated 440,000kms. The area is situated on Jagera, Giabal and Jarowair land (Toowoomba and the surrounding area), stretching up to Baranggum land (Dalby and Chinchilla) and further north to Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli land (Kingaroy and Cherbourg). To the west, the zone includes Mandandanji land (the Roma area), Kooma land (the St George area) and further south east to Bigambul land (the Goondiwindi area).

Men started playing football in South West Queensland in 1898.

The first match played in the South West region appears to be a match between Gowrie (in the Toowoomba region) and Ipswich in 1898 at the Toowoomba Cricket Reserve. A Toowoomba team then appeared to play in intercity matches throughout the early 1900s. As football was gaining traction in Toowoomba, teams in Warwick, Mitchell and Roma began to form during the 1910s. However, the war was having a huge impact on the game in the South West region. By 1919, it was reported that 140 British Football Association members had gone to the Front.

After the lack of players in the prior decade due to the war, the 1920s brought an expansion of players and teams in the South West region. In 1920, Toowoomba played several intercity and interstate games including matches against Brisbane and New South Wales. By 1921, a local junior and senior competition was forming and by the mid 1920s Warwick was also participating in games with neighbouring towns. This continued throughout the 1930s but by the 1940s war had once again brought the game to a halt. 

Football returned to the region in the 1950s and football has been growing stronger in the South West since this time.

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