In the 1980s Women Were Causing a Splash

In the early 1980s, there appears to be another lull in the women’s game in Rockhampton. During this period the Morning Bulletin reported that there were not enough teams to form a local competition. Even Nerimbera FC (a club that consistently had a women’s side throughout the 1970s) found it difficult to form a team in the early 1980s. We are not sure why this lull occurred, but it didn’t stop Rockhampton producing another star player, her name was Tammy Sprott. Women’s Soccer Queensland reports that Tammy caused controversy when she played for the Men’s Youth Competition.

One of the first records we can find of the women’s game in Gladstone is an article in the Gladstone Observer on March 7th, 1986. It documents Wolves player, Leysha Penfold’s struggle to play in the local men’s competition. Though her club supported her application, the Port Curtis Soccer Federation rejected it. The article suggests that she had the skills to play in the men’s competition and that there was no opportunities for female players to play in competitions in Gladstone at the time. Leysha Penfold also appeared on ABC news speaking about her application.

Watch Leysha's story on ABC News: