Sunday Soccer by the pit

These photos appear to be from the same match.

A number of teams competed in Sunday football in Mount Isa. As in previous decades the team names reflect the multi-cultural nature of the community. Where they take on ‘international’ significance they demonstrate the power of football to connect people across despite language and other barriers.

In his research, Ian Syson identified a number of teams competing in the local competition.

Anglo (claret and white)

Irish (green and white)

Scotties (navy blue and white).

Concordia [German] (white and black).

International [Italian] (all red)

Blue Adriatic [‘Yugoslav’ largely Croatian] (light blue and white stripes)

Scandia [Dutch + other Scandinavian ethnicities] (orange and black)

Eiffel [a rare ethnic French team] (cobalt blue and red socks).

Ian Syson is one of Australian Football’s foremost historians. Ian’s ground-breaking research and more information related to football in Mount Isa can be found at his football history site neos osmos.