Books on Queensland and Australian Women's Football

There aren’t many historical records of women’s football in Queensland (or Australia). That’s why our very own Lee McGowan and Fiona Crawford have written Never Say Die (2019). This history project has also relied heavily on The First 20 Years (1994) by Elaine Watson and Women’s Soccer in Queensland: In a League of it’s own (1997) from Women’s Soccer Queensland. We hope you find these brilliant resources useful:

Never Say Die

Australian women's football rides high on the sporting landscape now, but this book shows that success has been one-hundred years in the making.
Read Never Say Die

The First 20 Years

Elaine Watson outlines the history of Australian Women's football.
Read the First 20 Years

Women's Soccer in Queensland

In 1997, Women's Soccer Queensland released 'In a League of its Own' celebrating the the 20th State Championship and detailing previous teams, matches and players.
Read Women's Soccer in QLD

First Nations Football

Professor John Maynard, author of The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe and Professor of Indigenous Education and Research at the University of Newcastle has stated that “Aboriginal people were playing ball games before 1788.” He goes on to explain, “one of these games was a keepy uppy game which connects with football. We were in essence playing with a football for possibly thousands of years” (source: NAIDOC Socceroos article). Maynard’s book, listed below, details the previously untold history of Aboriginal involvement with the ‘world game’.

In 2008, Sports Australia released Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games, a resource which outlines a selection of games and activities invented and played by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read the full resource below.

The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe

by John Maynard
Read The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe

Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games

by Sports Australia
Read Yulunga

Related Books

A History of Football in Australia

by Roy Hay and Bill Murray
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Under the Lights and in the Dark

by Gwendolyn Oxenham
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A Beautiful Game

by Jean Williams
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Girls with Balls

by Tim Tate
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In a League of their Own

by Gail J. Newsham
Read In a League of their Own

Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters

by Johnny Warren
Read Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters

A Game for Rough Girls?

by Jean Williams
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